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SEO Services

Want to give your website the Midas-touch? Resort to internet marketing as it enhances the website’s presence and brings your website at the top rank. Search engines bring all the traffic to one’s website. Therefore, it is very necessary to be properly listed on the prominent search engines; otherwise someone else may make profit at your cost. Here come SEO services into the picture.

Search engine marketing (SEM) is part of the body of services LeMeniz Technologies offers to optimize your web presence and increase your company’s visibility. LeMeniz Technologies offers both organic and paid forms of SEM.

This versatile approach to online marketing, guarantees immediate results by linking your website to hot search terms and keywords. Our skilled content writers provide thoughtfully constructed text for your website, which ensures that it is easily visible when someone is searching for the products or services you offer. Moreover, we believe in paying attention to our client’s needs and requirements and chalk out individual strategies instead of following the cookie-cutter approach. We fine-tune the projects with meta tags, content, HTML and navigation structures to make it search-engine friendly that leads to authentic rankings.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

PPC marketing allows to bid on the relevant keywords and phrases with a view to target higher rankings. In this internet marketing strategy, one only pays for your bid price every time someone clicks at your link. This marketing strategy is effective and efficient enough to direct the traffic to your website. Moreover, it is quite affordable and result-oriented. At LeMeniz Infotech, we frame individual guidelines for carrying PPC advertising in major search engines.

Link Building

This marketing strategy further strengthens your visibility and reputation using search engines. You could easily allocate this job to an automated service, which would randomly select websites on which to link your company’s site. Unfortunately, automated link building brings in the risk of irrelevant linking and even a drop in your ranking, if the link building appears to be a form of manipulation. The professionals at LeMeniz Infotech do not take shortcuts. By manually selecting quality links and cross-checking page rank and other information, our experts ensure that your page is linked only to industry-relevant pages.

Web Portal Development services

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We develop applications largely on Microsoft .NET platform using C#/VB.Net with multiple database support including SQL Server or Oracle DB. Reports can be generalized using Crystal Reports or our own custom-built reports.